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Until recently primordial sources mentioning name Cane Corso were several poetic and prosaic creations dated from 1500. In 1998 Cane Corso Italian Association published a historical work casting light upon military employment of Cane Corso, specifically during the battle of Montopoli di Sabina that was not far from Rome in 1137.

This work contains the records on a kennel existing then and also on significance of these dogs in the history of Roman Empire. All this knowledge allows us to consider Cane Corso as an original inheritor of ancient breed that has carried all its major qualities characteristics over the centuries. There is a very ancient animal that keeps the memory about supreme civilizations of the past. 

Cane Corso has evolved over the centuries by natural selection in close connection with nearby environment and in accord with a part predestinated for this dog by a man. We talk about difficult time when successful survival of the breed depended only on its ability to perform hard work, but human choice on the animals to be chosen as pedigreed ones was determined only for economical necessity.

None of extravagances were permitted, and animal value was specified by a service and a benefit the animal provided. But namely Cane Corso who we admire today is just the best proof of biologic-zootechnic postulate according to which morphological and behavioral peculiarities of the animal, that are connected with the work being done by it, form its excellent and harmonic exterior and balanced mind. Cane Corso has not almost changed since that time.

The forefathers of Cane Corso are Molosses from Epirus and Canis Pugnax from Rome were used in military services and for gladiatorial battles. Modern type of Cane Corso has preserved its combative instinct, persistence and unusual strength to the full. Intercommunion with a man during different life situations taught this dog to show aggression only on emergency and wonderfully interpret gesticulation and behavior of the wider public.

These remarkable qualities the breed Cane Corso has carried over the centuries and preserved them in a state of nature.  In southern Italy where from Cane Corso is and where archaic system of farming lasted for long time, such many-sided dog was becoming a key assistant for a person. In course of time use of Cane Corso for military purposes started to reach back.  Technique of big-game hunting changed as well.

Field of conventional use of Cane Corso became more and more limited. After Second World War population of these dogs was decreasing tragically. In the early 1970s the situation grew critical, the question already was about physical survival of the breed because there were an inappreciable number of its representatives left. Official cynologic societies even did not remember Cane Corso breed despite massive efforts of enthusiasts such as Bonatti and professor Baliotta.

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