What may happen during labor of Cane Corso bitch

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Removing of the slime is necessary for the avoidance of its entering respiratory passages that may cause asphyxia. You should bandage an abdominal stalk at the distance of 2 cm from the puppy’s belly. It is not recommended to leave a very long abdominal stalk behind as hernia may develop in the dog.

A bandaging thread is disinfected in advance. The umbilical cord is cut a little below the line of bandaging. After that you should carefully wipe each Cane Corso puppy with a dry clean towel. Some days later an umbilical cord dries and falls away absolutely.

When some complications appear during labor Cane Corso’s owner is unable to cope with by himself, it is necessary to send for a vet urgently.

If Cane Corso puppy breathes heavy, you should take it in your arms and shake it bottom-up holding with your fingers the baby’s head. Thus, you may clean its respiratory passages from the remainder of slime hindering its breathing. 

When labor terminates properly (the last secundines comes out) it is recommended to take the bitch outside in the open air. After walk with the bitch you should bathe her genitals with warm water and wipe them with a clean soft cloth.

Then the dog usually feeds her puppies but the concern of her owner is to make sure that each of them has eaten its fill.  7-8 hours after labor termination you should feed the Cane Corso bitch.

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