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Durable French Linen Protection Dog Bite Sleeve for Training Young and Adult Cane Corso


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French Linen Bite Protection Sleeve for Young, Adult Dog Training

Do you want to get excellent tool for bite dog training? Turn attention to New Product of Ours -Improved Bite Sleeve Made of French Linen Material. This facility is ideal for Young and Adult Dog Training. It is a professional dog gear that is made by experienced manufactures under guidance of qualified dog trainers and cynologists. All the quality and safety standards are strictly observed when constructing this gear. French linen is a natural textile with fibers of flax plant origin. It means that it is absolutely safe for you and your dog. We use only ecologically clean stuff for production of dog goods. Cane Corso shop wants your dog to be healthy and strong that is why this handmade product is offered to you.

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Extra Strong Cane Corso Protection Bite Sleeve - Safest Training Dog Equipment

French Linen Protection Cane Corso Bite Sleeve Safe for Dogs' Teeth

French linen material is very strong so even the strongest dog with hard bite grip can be taught to use the sleeve. It can be worn on both hands - left and right. Arm Protection Sleeve is ideal Dog Bite Builder. This sleeve is meant to protect the arm up to the elbow. Being made of thick material this tool can hardly be bitten through so your dog’s teeth will not hurt your hand. It protects the hand to the maximum. The surface is rather smooth and it will be easy for the dog grasp it well without breaking his teeth. The tool is perfect for retrieve and bite skills development, exercising hunting instincts. It is recommended to use this item for young and adult dog training.

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Adjustable Dog Bite Sleeve Comfortable Properly Fitting

Comfortable Dog Bite Sleeve Fixed on the Hand with Adjustable Strap

Key features of this Protection Cane Corso Bite Sleeve:

  • Durable French Linen
  • 2 hard inner handles
  • Does not absorb wet and dirt
  • Fits both hands - left and right
  • Protects arm and elbow
  • Reliably stitched
  • Advanced bite area
  • Replaceable handles
  • Adjustable strap (elbow zone)
  • Dog-friendly materials
  • Lightweight

Intended use of this Training Cane Corso Bite Sleeve:

  • Police and military dog training
  • Dog exercising
  • Protection dog training
  • Bite building
  • Professional dog training
  • Army dog training
  • Dog snatch development


  • 3 1/3 lb (1,5 kg )

Available colors:

  • May vary

Due to light weight this supply is comfortable to have on for long time. Its weight is 3 1/3 lb (1,5 kg) – it is less if compared to other bite sleeves. It has 2 convenient and strong inner handles that help to control bite training easily while providing the better mobility for the arm. With this gear fitted correctly to your hand’s size you will be able to maneuver making your Corsi pursue the sleeve with abandon. Handles are also useful for holding the sleeve stronger. Be advised that this sleeve is short and doesn't cover the shoulder.

There is an adjustable strap securely sewn in the body on elbow part. Regulating this strap you can fit and fix this equipment as comfortable and reliable for the helper / trainer as possible. This accessory will not ever slip from the arm during dog training. This sleeve can be used only by professional dog trainer as it is intended for professional use only.

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