Correct choice of Cane Corso's age is of paramount importance

Cane Corso: A puppy or an adult dog?

Many guess that Cane Corso’s puppy can be taken from a Kennel as soon as possible and at that they claim that the younger the dog the less number of unfamiliar impressions it can get and therefore such puppy will be able to become accustomed to its new owner more quickly.

However it this case it is more difficult to avoid making mistakes while choosing a Cane Corso’s puppy and evaluating its conformance to the breed standard because even an experienced breeder will not always be able to identify probable defaults and disadvantages of breed.

The matter is that the features of Cane Corso’s standard become most clearly evident only on the puppy’s reaching the age of 3 month old at least. As a rule, Cane Corso’s puppies are taken from a breeder when they are 8-10 or 12 weeks old. Further you will find a brief description of main peculiarities which are observed in Cane Corso’s puppies during these age periods.

8 week old puppies are noted for their already more or less independent nature, self-determined behavior; they are already not attached to their mom as during the first weeks of their life and almost do not need her care and attention.

Eight week old age of Cane Corso’s puppy is probably suitable to buy the puppy from a breeder however it needs to take into consideration the one specifity: Cane Corso’s puppy at this age is not still ready for interrelationship with its congeners.

The behavior of Cane Corso’s puppy at this age does not contain that confidence during communication with other dogs which is common to adult Cane Corso’s dogs. Nevertheless, just 8 weeks old puppies are still usually taken from breeders.

In that case it is essential for such puppy to meet with its fellows as often as possible even play with the dogs of about the same age. Deficiency of communication between young dogs of Cane Corso breed can be fulfilled for example by acquainting with their owners who bought their puppies of the same age in this very Kennel.

Absolute advantage of getting 8 week old pup consists in changing of surrounding environments that is very favorable for development of Cane Corso’s puppy. Indeed, appearing in new environment, new house, watching the people strange for the puppy, this infant gets variety of impressions.
If ignoring the necessity of due social puppy’s adaptation then this may cause many unpleasant situations in future.

But if you are just only going to buy Cane Corso’s puppy when it is 10-12 weeks old then you can be sure that a young dog has already gained sufficient social experience when being among its brothers and sisters. The adaptation of such puppy to its congeners in the new dwelling place will be very calm and nicely. 

It is just necessary to consider the situation when the animal is in a Kennel for more than 16 weeks. Acquiring of such Cane Corso can be compared with getting of a young but already adult enough dog from another owner and it is more difficult for such dog to get accustomed to a new environment. It is largely due to more long absence of communication with people, dominant position of more adult dogs living in the same Kennel and some other reasons.
Grown-up Cane Corsos habituate themselves to a new owner for long time.
It is reasonable to choose a Cane Corso’s puppy only when you are sure in own capabilities, have sufficient patience and ready for keeping in touch with a breeder who is able to render you help by way of valuable advising.

Besides, the peculiarities of forming behavior of 16 weeks old dogs, needless to say about older dogs, are much more visible and noticeable than those in very young Cane Corso’ s representatives. Sudden change of a founding environment and habituation to a new owner may cause difficulties with education and training of the animal.

However this does not mean that you should positively give up acquiring, let us say, 4-5 month old dog of Cane Corso. You just need to consult a breeder concerning the matter, carefully watch how the dog behaves in a Kennel.

You should not forget that when you buy a puppy-teenager then you will have to gain patience and knowledge as for proper education of Cane Corso’s puppy; therefore it will be of necessity to take detailed information from a specialist regarding this topic.

But the advantage is when you buy 16-18 weeks old puppy it is very easy to define the standard characteristics with pin-point accuracy and it is much easier to confirm the presence or absence of probable disease development in this puppy than in 2 month old one.

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