How to keep Cane Corso's ears clean and healthy

Ear hygiene

Ears of Cane Corso should be regularly cleaned from mud and earwax accumulated in them. For that, it’s better one day previously, you should inject one drop of slightly warmed vegetable fat into each Cane Corso’s ear by dint of a pipette.

Then, taking a small cotton-gauze tampon you should wet it with vegetable oil and carefully process the inner part of the earflaps. If the ears are too contaminated then you should wet them with a tampon moistened with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide that you can buy at chemists shop.   

Nose and ear hygiene

Even very healthy dogs may suffer from insignificant purulent discharge accumulated in the corners of the eyes. The discharge is carefully removed by a napkin of clean gauze fabric or soft thin cloth. It is better not to use absorbent cotton as the fibers separating from it irritate the dog’s conjunctiva.

More profuse discharge may be caused by great wind, draughts, dust penetration into the eyes, etc. Eyelids most often inflame when they poorly fit the eyeglobes. In order to charm away the inflammation and reduce suppurative discharge one may use infusions of vulnerary plants that act as bactericides. The infusion made of camomile blossoms is best suited for that purpose.

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