How to treat pregnant Cane Corso bitch

Period of gestation

After an efficient mating Cane Corso bitches impregnate and their pregnancy lasts for 9 weeks approximately. However, lying-in may happen beforehand or on the contrary duration of gestation extends for 1 week on an average.

Nevertheless, the probability that proper, healthy puppies will be born in both cases is very high: you just need to get ready for labor in advance and be able to render assistance for a littering down Cane Corso bitch. 

Till the 4 th week of pregnancy development and growth of fetuses get off to a slow start therefore during this period Cane Corso bitch still does not need a special regime of management and feeding. However, susceptibility of the dog to infectious diseases increases during this time.

Besides, you should not use anti-parasitogenic and other curative preparations for all the gestation of Cane Corso bitch.  After the 4th week of pregnancy the bitch should be examined by a vet. In the period between the 4th and the 5th weeks animal doctor will be able to estimate the number of the puppies bred by palpating the indurations in the bitch’s belly.

It is quite undesirable to make the examination by touch starting from 5 to 6 week of the dog’s pregnancy. Formation of the fetuses’ heads happens during the 8th week and the fetuses start stirring.

From 4 to 6 week of pregnancy you should feed Cane Corso dog 3 times per day but usual day’s allowance is to be increased by including in the diet additional amount of fish and meat food, cottage cheese, milk, porridges cooked with milk and soups.

Day’s allowance of minerals increases almost twofold during this period. In the second half of pregnancy Cane Corso bitch must get pureed raw fruit and vegetables but the amount of starchy foods should be reduced.

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