Care for Cane Corso's paws and hair

Hygienical measures

It is useful for every dog owner to know about the hygienical measures which will help his pet to have well-being, vivacity, always look well-groomed and smart and have well-conditioned, shiny hair.

Care for paws

During walks dogs usually suffer insignificant injuries of their paw-pads (for example, feeling under foot the splinters of broken glass, sharp thorns of plants, stones with sharp edges, etc.). Therefore Cane Corso’s paws and claws should be examined after every walk.

We need also consider poor susceptibility to pain in the representatives of this dog breed: Cane Corso may show no anxiety and at the start even not to feel uncomfortable because a splinter of glass or a wooden chip has stuck between its paw-pads. 

However, if a foreign substance is not removed promptly then a serious inflammation of skin and soft parts will be likely to start. Despite all weathers and every time-of-year Cane Corso’s paws should be always washed on return from a walk. Then it needs to wipe them with a towel or a piece of soft cloth.

Cane Corso’s claws should be regularly examined also and as far as they grow one should shorten them using a special too-a clipper or another tool for cutting of dogs' claws or carefully notch with a big saw having three facets .  

With too long claws Cane Corso starts falling down on its fore limbs but beyond this point its circum-cubital cushion may inflame.
One should constantly care for presence of Cane Corso’s claws. If there are splits, creases, scratches in them it is necessary to apply little amount of animal fat to them from time to time.

Hair cleaning

Cane Corsos are short-woolled dogs but, nevertheless, their hair also needs regular grooming. In order to keep Cane Corso’s hair beautiful and shiny one should clean, massage it and comb out necrotic hair.

A brush with semi-hard bristle is used for grooming of Cane Corso’s hair: it must not scratch skin of a dog and at the same time must not be too soft otherwise it will be difficult to remove mud only after several applications.

Before grooming it needs to rub the dog down slightly: pat it against the hair during 2-3 minutes and then in the same direction, against the hair, clean it with the brush. After cleaning you should take a large-toothed comb which teeth are not too sharp and slowly comb Cane Corso’s hair in the direction of hair growth.

This simple procedure is also a sort of massage enabling the improvement of muscle tone and agitation of blood flow. Cleaning and combings are started from the dog’s back and neck then one should move to belly’s area and after that to thoracic region, paws and tail.

It should be mentioned that hair grooming is a quite pleasant process for Cane Corsos because licking and cleaning of hair help to establish friendly contacts in the pack of even wild animals.

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