First mating of Cane Corso bitch


Only on reaching the age of 24-30 months old Cane Corsos become physically matured, however, sexual development starts much earlier in them and therefore the first mating is possible at younger age of the dog.  
The first mating of Cane Corso bitch is made after the 3 th estrus (an interval between the estruses is 6-7 months). Already in the very beginning bloody issues from privy parts of the bitch are observed. 

Dog breeder should record the first day of estrus in order not to make a mistake while specifying the start of ovulation (an ovule ready for fecundation appears from sex glands). Ovulation period of Cane Corsos comes on the 11-14th day. 

The last day before ovulation is the most favorable for mating. Bleeding stops in the bitches the day before issuance of an ovule from sex glands; sometimes you may see discharge but it is colorless or light-pink at that. During 1-2 days an ansa loses its flexibility except for upper part that is still tough.

It will be flexible again when the most appropriate day of mating comes. You may know whether Cane Corso bitch is ready for mating or not if passing your hand over its croup and loins: it squats without touching the ground with its rear and lifts the tail taking it aside.   
Mating should be done twice; an optimal interval between the matings is day. In this case an ovule preserves its ability to be inseminated in 4-5 days.

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