What Cane Corso dog should eat and what shouldn't

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Fat resources

Full feeding of Cane Corso puppy is obligatory including of fats, both vegetable and animal origins.
Essential sources of animal fats are goat and cow milk, sour cream, butter. They are rich in vitamin A as well as other substances and elements that are useful for growing body of Cane Corso puppy, such as lipotopic factor, phosphatides.

Deficit of animal fats in dietary of young Cane Corso may lead to quite undesirable results : dampened growth and  development of skin disease, hypovitaminosis, anomaly of normal coat pigmentation.

Surplus of fats in the dog’s organism is destructive to its health. Overfeeding with greasy food may cause distress of some vital body functions with the result that such Cane Corso becomes lazy, apathetic. Fats of vegetable origin are contained in seed-oil. Fats are very essential for the puppies. 

Day’s allowance of fat consumption for Cane Corso puppies at the age of 1 year or less is to be 2,6-2,7 grams per 1 kg of Cane Corso’s body mass. During feeding you may give dairy butter or vegetable fat as well as beef lard into soups and porridges cooked without milk.

Sources of carbohydrates and vitamins.

Carbohydrates are among the main power generators. Food substances such as sugar, cellulose, starch contain carbohydrate group assimilated by dog organism.

These ingredients are contained in black bread, crackers, cereal products (wheaten, buckwheat, pearl, manna, oat, made of finely ground barley, corn and rice grains), offal, honey. Some vegetables are also rich in carbohydrates (carrot, potatoes, beetroot, and cabbage) and some fruit and berries are. 

Daily scale of carbohydrates is to be 15-16 grams per 1 body mass of Cane Corso puppy. Only when Cane Corso puppy is already 1.5 months old you may feed it with bread. It is recommended to soak rye-bread in non-fatty broth and the dog must eat it together with meat food.

New bread is undesirable to add to diet of young Cane Corsos. It is best of all to parch wheat-bread before giving it to the dog. Porridges for young Cane Corsos can be prepared from various cereal products. All of them are too suitable for the dog’s digestive system.

One should pull down grits by coffee-grinder and then mix them in hot milk, broth or boiling water prior to cooking porridges for Cane Corso dog at the age of less than 2 months old.  The resulting mass is held in closed saucepan during 15-20 minutes and then cooled in order to feed the puppy with warm food.

Until Cane Corso puppy is 6 months old it is better to prepare chaff porridge for it. Use of whole oat gains should be completely excluded if Cane Corso puppy isn’t 6 months old yet. Besides, you need to remember that it is possible to feed Cane Corso puppy with oat porridge not more than 1-2 times a week, because overfeeding with it is conductive to inflammation of circumanal glands.

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