Cane Corso: choosing a sex

Cane Corso: Boy or girl?

Future owner of Cane Corso, who never had the dog of this breed in his house before, is recommended to choose a Cane Corso-bitch. She as a rule is very accommodating during training, very hard-working in comparison with Cane Corso-male; Cane Corso-bitch becomes attached to her owner much faster and less pretends to be a leader in the family.

Besides, it is much easier to supervise Cane Corso-bitch during walk, because the bitches are smaller than Cane Corsos-males. Alongside with that, the bitch can be as good guardian as the male and at times is not behind Cane Corso-male in strength and courage. 

However, in this case one should take physiological peculiarities of Cane Corso’s different sexes into consideration. So, the bitch can’t stand when other bitches are around her. Besides, one should remember that bitches have estrus two times per year and also sometimes they have hysteric pregnancy.

During estrus that lasts for 3 weeks Cane Corso-bitch attempts to find a partner for herself among her congeners which their owners air nearby and this often causes conflicts and squabbles between the owners of diclinous dogs.

During walk with Cane Corso dog that is in estrual period her owner will have to exercise maximum patience and be to handy to hold her from unwanted mating with a male appearing in the same yard.

Before acquiring Cane Corso dog, while choosing between male and female, future owner should keep in mind that there is the possibility to spay a bitch without being afraid for any negative alterations in her behavior and nature that in turn makes her better in comparison with male dog.

Moreover, experts-cynologists fully approve this medical procedure in relation to Cane Corso particularly and the other working dog breeds and the procedure has been applied for long time already.
When choosing Cane Corso male, one should remember that he will likely to need more hard training. But Cane Corso bitches are considered to be more appeasable and calm.

All abovementioned of course does not indicate doubtless advantages of Cane Corsos-bitches. A man–owner is advised to have a male of this breed, because a woman-owner won’t be able to cope with the male.

However, owners of Cane Corso’s male dogs should bear in mind that the males are apt to vagrancy redoubling when it is the opportunity to visit the bitch which is in estrual period at the moment.

One of behavioural characteristics of Cane Corso’s males, which wider public treat too depreciatingly, is that the males strive to nose all unusual objects that are somehow different form the rest but also to mark the objects awaking the dog’s interest owing to their exterior or smell.

Nevertheless, the habit of Cane Corso’s dogs as well as any other dog breeds to lift the leg everywhere may be prevented if the dog is educated properly.  

Majority of the Cane Corso’s owners (both males and females) are content with their pets. They think, that correct education but not the sex of the dog  is of paramount importance for good adaptation in the family.

But in general, the owners of both males and females are often afraid for possible conflicts to start between their pets, and the conflicts usually happen when airing the dogs and meeting homosexual dogs. However, similar intransigence between homosexual dogs is not so much that their inborn feature but the result of an improper education.

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