Cane Corso puppies

Cane Corso puppies

The first step, obviously, is choosing the right breed for you, your family, and your environment. You may want to visit the pound or rescue shelters to look for mixed-breed pups who have been brought in off the street – mixed-breed dogs can make some of the most intelligent and well-behaved pets you’ll ever find. If you decide to go with a purebred, you need to figure out which breed will work best for you.

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This is a common sense decision, but it should be backed by a fair amount of research. Don’t get a high-energy puppy if you’re living in an apartment and know you won’t take it for more than three walks a day. How do you know which breeds are high energy? Get to the library! Get online! Go to the bookstore! Talk to people! There are a vast number of ways you can do the research to figure out which breed is best for you, just don’t go into puppy ownership without doing that research.

Once you’ve done that (seriously, do it), your next step is to choose whether to go through a breeder or a local rescue group who can help you find homeless or rescued puppies of the breed you want. The second option often has a much longer waiting period, but you’ll be helping an at-risk little munchkin who needs some love. If you’d rather have a shorter turnaround time for your pup, you have another round of research on your hands. Quit groaning! Do you want a healthy puppy or not?

To find a good breeder, do a quick search for groups of enthusiasts or owners of the breed you’d like. If you find a few, you should be able to contact them and get a list of preferred breeders or kennels in your area. These breeders are usually very meticulous about making sure none of their dogs carry the negative traits, disorders, or diseases associated with the breed, which means your puppy stands a much better chance of being healthy throughout life. While their prices may run slightly higher than other breeders, the extra cost is worthwhile. Would you rather your puppy were in the care of someone who had only birthed and cared for one other litter, or someone who has been breeding for decades?

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