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At the age of 5-6 month old it is possible to add specialty meats in diet of Cane Corso puppy but since 2-3 months age of the dog you may give it blood of slaughter animals. The latter is considered to a very useful product because it contains more than 20% of proteins that are wonderfully ingested by puppyish organism.

Raw bones, beef ones are more preferable, should be given to Cane Corso puppies when they are 2-5 months old. The babies are still unable to bite big bones through but gnawing of them is one of the most favorite occupations for young Cane Corso dogs.

It is quite reasonable to include such bones in dietary of the puppies that are older than 5 months old because at this age the constitution of milk teeth for more strong permanent ones happen and young Cane Corso already manages to chack of big bones.

It is preferable to feed Cane Corso babies with meat food regularly dividing day’s allowance for 2 or 3 times.

Sea and river fish should be included in the diet carefully. Cane Corso may eat fish since it is 4 months old but not more than 1-2 times a week. It is better not to combine fish with meat but to replace it with meat products alternating fish days with meat ones.
Sea fish in raw or boiled state is allowed for feeding of Cane Corso puppy. Before giving it to the puppy you should necessarily extract all bones from it. As for river fish it should be boiled in advance, because the fish happens to have been infected with helmint worms that when penetrating into dog body cause dangerous diseases of the digestive tract.

Raw eggs may be included in the diet only if combined with other products. Raw albumen must be completely excluded from Cane Corso puppy’s dietary. Cooked eggwhite, thoroughly fine-cut with a knife, may be given to the puppies from time to time.

In order to provide a full nutrition for a dog, especially young Cane Corso, you should give it milk and other dairy produce: cottage cheese, kefir, curdled milk, cheese. Milk (cow or goat) should not be boiled and Cane Corso puppy must drink it every day; add to this, the milk should be replaced with sour milk or kefir at times. 

Milk porridges are possible too and you need to feed your Cane Corso puppy with it a little at a time. Dry ale-yeast is also very useful for dog health. They awaken the activity of digestive tract. Day’s allowance should be not more that 1 g of the yeast (in order to define a precise amount of this food ingredient you need to take a vet’s opinion. continue reading this article please click on here...

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