Examination and Treatment of Cane Corso's mouth

Hygiene of mouth cavity

It is imperative for any dog especially working one to keep the teeth healthy. Therefore every dog owner must permanently examine dental health of his pet. When first signs of calcified debris appear–the teeth have yellowish taint–you should clean the dog’s teeth by a thin tooth stick covered with a little toothpaste without specific smell.

After cleaning Cane Corso’s teeth are to be wiped with a wet cotton-gauze tampon and then with a piece of soft dry cloth. Absence of regular care for the dog’s mouth cavity leads to appearance of dental calculus that adversely affects the condition of dental enamel produces inflammation of gingivae as well as their decrease and bleeding sickness.

As the result, the affect of dental calculus may lead to loosening and loss of teeth. During inflammation of Cane Corso’s gingivae you should process its mouth cavity by a cotton-gauze tampon moistened with light hardly warm solution of potassium permanganate.

It is allowed to treat the inflammation single-handed; you had better call in aid of a veterinarian. Advice of an animal doctor will be of use when the signs of caries are observed in the dog. Probably you will have to change your Cane Corso’s diet a little bit in order to stop the progress of odontopathy.

When some objects such as fragments of bones, the remainders of wooden stick gnawed by Cane Corso stick between the dog’s teeth you should remove them carefully for the avoidance of gingival traumatizing and development of inflammatory processes.

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