• Model: PS8##1030 Dog protection leg sleeve with bite bar

Protection French Linen Cane Corso Leg Sleeve


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Durable Leg Sleeve with Bite Bar for Cane Corso Training

Choose for your beloved dog only the best dog training equipment! This Leg Sleeve is made according to all international standards and of top quality materials. It will definitely help you to train your Cane Corso more effectively, and your canine will reach high results and become a true champion and your personal defender. So, get right now this Leg Sleeve - it will be your irreplaceable helper during dog training!

The key advantages of this Leg Sleeve:

  • french linen
  • anti-slide nylon strap
  • velcro closure
  • heavy duty bite bar
  • ambidextrous - fits left and right leg
  • control handle

Intended use of this Strong Leg Sleeve:

  • guard dog training
  • protection training
  • special units training
  • police training

Why this Leg Sleeve is worth buying:

This dog item is manufactured of french linen, the material which is well-known for its tear resistance and safety. It is non-toxic and doesn't contain any harmful substances, so your Cane Corso's health will be out of danger. Moreover, this Sleeve is reliably stitched on the edges for additional durability.

This Leg Sleeve can be quickly taken on and off with the help of Velcro closure along the whole length. It is very easy even for a beginner dog trainer. The other important feature of this dog supply is that it fits both left and right leg.

There is also a special nylon strap which doesn't allow this Sleeve to slide high and helps to hold it reliable during training sessions.

This Leg Sleeve is meant for advanced bite training. Use it for training of working dogs, in particular for guard, military, police and special units forces.

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