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Tracking/Pulling/Agitation Leather Dog Harness For Cane Corso

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Padded tracking/pulling leather harness for great Cane Corso-Special harness for work with a powerful dog

Do you want to buy a comfortable and heavy-duty tracking/pulling harness for your beloved dog? Then you are at the right time and place. We offer a broad assortment of dog production and its quality is outstanding! Also we produce ones of the best available leather harnesses.

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Designer Leather Dog Harness For Pulling Activities

Professional Leather Dog Harness Perfectly Follows The Dog's Body Contours

We offer harnesses for any-sized dogs, for different dog breeds and for different purposes. Since we are direct makers we know how and what for products we make and sell. The price of the harness you see on this page is quite reasonable taking into account that it was made of excellent full grain leather so its quality is exceptional. If you need life duration and quality guarantee then pease pay your precious attention to this handmade designer dog harness. Genuine leather will stand up the power of your Cane Corso; this natural material will make it possible for you to develop his inborn abilities. All our leathern harnesses are made of top-grade oiled leather which only betters in process of time. The harness represented on this page is positioned as universal. In the first place it was developed as multipurpose dog equipment. Due to its very convenient construction you may use it as walking and pulling harness. Your children will enjoy very much when your dog will sled them. Do not miss your chance to make you and your dog happy-buy this unique leather harness!

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  • Comfortable easy handling leather harnessCane Corso lightweight designer leather harness
  • Safety walking leather dog harnessPractical handmade training harness for Cane Corso


Key features of this Cane Corso Harness:

  • Full grain genuine 100% leather
  • Well-made
  • Super strong
  • Quick release buckle
  • Lightweight
  • 3-way adjustable
  • Padded front strap
  • Multipurpose
  • 2 extra D-rings on sides
  • brass fittings

Intended use of this Cane Corso Harness:

  • Pulling/tracking
  • Bicycle trips
  • Walking
  • Training/education
  • Service/trace work

Sizes available:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

How to size your dog for this harness:


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture): 17.5-25.5 inch (44-64 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture): 24.5-30 inch (62-77 cm)
  • chest strap (blue color on the picture): 23.5 inch (60 cm)


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture): 26-34 inch (66-86 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture): 30-35.5 inch (77-90 cm)
  • chest strap (blue color on the picture): 26 inch (67 cm)


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture): 28-35 inch (71-89 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture): 31.5-40 inch (80-102 cm)
  • chest strap (blue color on the picture): 28 3/4 inch (73 cm)

Extra Large:

  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture): 28-35 inch (68-90 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture): 39-51 inch (99-130 cm)
  • chest strap (blue color on the picture): 30 inch (77 cm)

Now you should know much more information on the harness. 

Why is it considered to be universal and reliable just for your dog? Ok, let us start.

  1. While developing this harness specialists took into account the specificity of drawing dogs and made it maximally comfortable and lightweight. At the same time it is a very durable model capable to withstand heavy loads during different applications. This model is named pulling harness as it is meant for pulling that can be achieved with attachment to 2 extra rings set on 2 sides of it. But remember that it is not heavy duty pulling harness and it is good for pulling a sled or cart up to 200lbs. So it is enough information as for capability of this harness.
  2. Quality of materials is best. As the harness is of fine quality the straps do not stretch; the metal parts do not rust and do not pull out as they are duly stitched and riveted. The leather is very thick as it is full grain leather which feels soft while wearing this harness. Your dog will not have allergic reactions or skin irritation with the harness on just because all used materials are safe and non-toxic. Equipped in our harness even gloomy working dog will feel like million!
  3. Why this harness is regarded to as a comfortable gear. The answer is simple. It was made in accordance with dog’s facial structure for best fit of the harness. All you have to do is to adjust the flexible wide straps of the harness. It is an easy task as the harness is adjustable several ways. Front neck straps have brass roller buckles; the other strap going around the chest is easy to take off/on as quick release buckle is securely riveted in it. Front chest strap as well as upper back pad is padded with soft felt for utmost comfort.
  4. Multifunctionality of single professional item. It can be used for tracking, walking, for attack/protection/agitation training completed with agitation collar (we can provide you with it too); may be used as sled-harness in winter and as truck-harness or bike-harness in summer.

Check how our products look on the dogs/Pictures from Customers

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  • Superior high quality training harnessMultifunctional well fitting leather Cane Corso harness
  • Serviceable felt padded leather walking hanressCane Corso best fitting easy adjustable leather harness


Superior Cane Corso Dog Leather Harness For Regular Usage

Uniquely Made Dog Harness Does Not Interfere With Cane Corso's Natural Needs

Hi Guy,
Hope you are fine.

Received the Harness and Bite Developer. Stunning.
Thanks so much.
Sharon from UK

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