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Use same trial sleeve - Sharon Ronen - current WUSV winner used to train her dog to achieve this incredible result.
Her dog is handicapped, with one of his front legs having been partially rehabilitated through physiotherapy. She used best equipment
which helped to prepare for this Schutzhund top competition. I personally believe that it has not so much to do with what kind of equipment you use
but it definitely gives you advantage to train with trial sleeve used by champions.

Our sleeve is being used in training Internationally - in over 100 countries around the globe.
This trial sleeve weights less than many of the other sleeves.

General "Woof" Tip: Donít forget to check other products we make.
We make handmade dog training equipment bite tugs, bite sleeves, training leashes, working collars ,training harnesses and muzzles.

When you are looking to provide your dog with ideal bite surface to train better and to achieve more get our Schutzhund trial sleeve.

While most trial sleeves are concave we believe that huge part of success is allowing decoy to present sleeve correctly by full control ability.
You can present and target our trial sleeve easily because we give you ability to adjust padded inside handle 6 ways , 2 different angles.

General "Woof" Tip: If you like this product and need different color or size please contact us and we will check regarding making custom one for your dog.

This is how you make it personal, you will feel like sleeve was custom made to fit you and allow to control targeting completely.

You also made this trial sleeve fit snug on the forearm to give you even† more control.

Use this sleeve for Schutzhund trial and for police dog protection training.

Most of standard sleeve covers will fit our trial dog sleeve.

Half open front part allows you to use second hand to move and target sleeve or play tug when you give it as reward in club training sessions.

Shoulder protector is padded inside with soft leather covered pillow to give you ultimate comfort.

Take a look at protection sleeve in 3D

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