• Model: TE9##1030 Rolled Jute bite tug(4x30cm)

Jute Cane Corso Bite Roll for Puppy Bite Training


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Jute Bite Roll for Cane Corso Puppies

You are a happy owner of Cane Corso puppy? He is rather disobedient and reject to follow your commands? Then you should consider about training him. Pay attention to this Bite Roll - it will give you incredible results during dog training. So don't miss this great chance to get this high quality dog supply right now - be sure you will never regret!

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Eco-Friendly Cane Corso Bite Roll Meant for Puppy Training

Eco-Friendly Jute Cane Corso Bite Roll for Bite Training

Training Jute Cane Corso Bite Roll with Two Handles

Tear Resistant Cane Corso Bite Roll with Two Rope Handles

The key advantages of this Jute Bite Roll:

  • eco-friendly dog safe materials
  • non-toxic jute
  • 2 comfortable rope handles
  • stitched on the edges

Intended use of this Durable Jute Bite Roll:

  • puppy training


  • length - 12 inch (30 cm) - handles not included
  • diameter - 1 3/4 inch (4 cm)
  • circumference - 6 inches (15 cm)


  • french linen

What you should know about this Jute Bite Roll:

Be confident our priority is your pet's health, so the designers have done their best to make this Bite Roll easy and comfortable in use. Jute is extra strong, lightweight and tear resistant, so it will be almost impossible for your powerful Cane Corso to damage it during bite training.

The small size of this Bite Roll allows your puppy to get his mouth around it without many difficulties. Besides, this dog item has two comfortable handles that make its use very comfortable for you.

Please, be advised!
This Bite Roll isn't meant for chewing. Don't leave your Cane Corso alone with it as he can tear it and you won't be able to use it for training any more.

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