• Model: TE2##1030 Jute bite tug (6x60cm)

Long Jute Cane Corso Bite Tug for Training


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Jute Bite Tug for Young Cane Corsos

Traing your beloved Cane Corso like professionals do! Help your pet to become a true champion! Choose this Ergonomic Design Jute Bite Tug that is meant for training of young dogs. It will definitely help you to develop his biting skills and build stronger grip. So don't miss this opportunity to get this dog supply right now - and you will never regret!

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Jute Cane Corso Bite Tug for Training

Jute Cane Corso Bite Tug for Dog Training

Cane Corso Bite Tug with Two Handles

Tearproof Long Cane Corso Bite Tug with Comfy Handles

The key features of this Jute Bite Tug:

  • dog-safe jute
  • extra strong
  • equipped with 2 handles
  • carefully stitched on the edges
  • non-toxic stuffing

Intended use of this Durable Bite Tug:

  • biting skills training
  • retrieve item
  • training young dogs


  • width - 2 1/3 inch (6cm)
  • length - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • jute

Why professional dog trainers recommend you this Bite Tug:

Our craftsmen have used for the production of this dog item full grain genuine leather. It is strong, tear resistant and non-toxic. Be sure there is almost no possibility of allergies, skin rubbing or irritation as it doesn't contain any harmful substances.

It is possible to use this Long Bite Tug for training of young and adult dogs. It fits perfectly for improving dog's biting skills. Just don't let your pet chew this Bite Tug. He can damage it, and it will be impossible to use this dog supply for training.

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