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  1. In 1976 investigator of Italian traditions doctor Breber drew the public attention to this breed by publishing an article in one of the journal numbers ENCI (Italian Kennel Club). Like that the first step towards salvation of the breed was made, but a group of enthusiasts started joining around Berber. In October 1983 they established the society of admirers of Cane Corso (S.A.C.C.)". 20.01.1994 the breed Cane Corso was recognized by ENCI (Italian Kennel Club). This date is considered the birthday of the breed. The interest in the breed increased greatly. In 1996 in Aresa (Italy) it was a specialized exhibition where the best breed representative was chosen for representation to FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).
  2.  In 1996, November 12, the breed Cane Corso was officially recognized by International Cynological Organization.
  3. A new life was given to the breed in the modern world and its working abilities were improved. Present-day Cane Corso dogs are loving, balanced and honorable.
  4. They are very smart and intelligent. These dogs are fawning with their owners, adore children allowing these to do everything with them. But at the same time the dogs are distrustful to unfamiliar people, they are always hawk-eyed and brave. They have wonderful reaction and developed territorial instinct. They never show unmotivated aggression and experience any situation excellently. Cane Corso dogs are the animals with stable mentality, good health, easily adapt to different conditions and can be used for different purposes.   
  5.  At all times Cane Corsos were universal dogs. They guarded Patricians’ villas, helped peasants by defending their herds from flesh-eaters, hunted wolves, boars and bears. Teofilo Folengo (1495-1544) described battles of powerful canines with bears and lions in his writings. In 1551 in his book “History of animals” naturalist Konrad von Gesner described the dog Cane Corso like that: too strong and powerful to take on a boar and cope with a troop of oxen”.
  6.  Numerous frescos, mosaics, statuettes and pictures depicting Cane Corso are preserved to the present day. This dog was valuable during in those ancient times. And even an engraving from an ancient atlas of the starry arch, where Greater Dog was represented, clearly hints that the painter portrayed just the dog Cane Corso. Not only painters were large for this irresistible breed.  In his Dictionary of the Italian language published in 1858-1879 Philologist Tommaseo adduced a metaphor: Cane Corso is an honorable and courageous person”. The noble emblem of Italian aristocratic generation "de Corsi" (1238) represented Cane Corso. The emblem was considered a symbol of bravery and ability to fight- the evidence that the breed already matured in those day but the qualities became legendary.
  7.  It may be difficult to name another dog breed in which that multi-function qualities could meet except Cane Corso breed. Hunter, guardian, shepherd, and keeper of cattle, guard of estates, farms and households, body guard, faithful friend and nanny for kids- all this is a wonderful Cane Corso!!!!

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