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Cane Corso Muzzles

Our Cane Corso breed web store is glad to offer a wide choice of various muzzles for dogs of Cane Corso breed. Dog muzzle is a necessary accessory nowadays, because wearing a muzzle while walking with your dog on the street is prescribed by law.

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We offer you different models of muzzles, amongst which you will definitely find the one that will fit your Cane Corso best. Leather or wire muzzle - the choice is upon you and your desires. Secure your pet and surrounding people while walking with your companion.

A dog, in the first place, is an animal and, like all the other animals it has instincts which determine his behaviour and cannot be resisted by him in some situations.

We guarantee that our dog muzzles won’t make any harm to your pet’s health. Leather dog muzzles will let your dog feel free. High quality leather straps won’t allow your dog to harm surrounding people. There is also one special feature of leather dog muzzles - they don’t harm your dog when he hits his snout. Leather won’t make any harm during walking in cold weather. Cozy system of fasteners will allow you to put the muzzle on/off your dog without any problems, as well as it will help to fixate the muzzle on the dog’s snout.

Wire muzzles will become useful for the owners of serious dogs like Cane Corso. The muzzles we present in our web store have additional leather or Nappa padding, which protects dog’s skin from rubbing or irritation. Being made of high quality steel wire, wire muzzles will serve long enough and will help you to avoid some problems with control. You can also purchase wire muzzles withinsulation material. They are used for walking with your dog during severe cold.

While choosing a muzzle for your dog, you should remember that your he will remain muzzled for quite a long time. That’s why it is so hard to choose a muzzle, despite of variety of their forms and types offered in stores.

Cone-shaped muzzles are often offered in stores, but you should avoid purchasing them, because they can discomfort your dog - a muzzle must ‘lay’ on the dog’s snout, not to tighten it.

Search for a muzzle of cylindrical form. Such form will allow your dog to open his jaws and put his tongue out. Muzzles can be made of different materials: leather, metal, nylon and plastic. They can also have different form: basket, closed and bear-loop-shape.

Leatherbasket muzzles will perfectly fit non-aggressive dogs. Being made of strong leather straps they will allow the dog to breathe and pant freely, put his tongue out. Such leather muzzles often have light weight. But there are plastic muzzles, which are lighter than leather. Their problem is that they can crack because of impact or cold weather. You should use plastic muzzles if your dog participates in such sport events as races, because every gramme of spare weight is important during such activity.

While choosing a leather muzzle, you should always pay your attention to the material it is made of, because this name is used not only for muzzles that are made of natural, but also of artificial leather.

Muzzles that are made of artificial leather cost less, but their service time is less too. Natural leather is much stronger and will serve longer, as well as the price of such muzzle will be higher. You should also pay your attention to special rivets which connect the straps. You should attentively look at them to find out possible burrs and to be sure that rivets are made of high quality material. You should also choose the straps with an appropriate fixation system - if your Cane Corso used to wear a muzzle and doesn’t try to take it off, one strap will be enough. Otherwise you should choose the construction witha strap on his forehead.

If the dog is aggressive or in case of agitation trainings, you should use wire muzzles. It is recommended to use them when the air temperature is above zero, because dog’s tongue can stick to the metal part of the equipment in winter. You can protect your dog from this problem by purchasing a wire muzzle with insulation. The muzzle is of rather heavy weight, that’s why you shouldn’t use it but in some special cases.
Front metal grid
(sometimes it can be double) performs decorative function, but sometimes it can help you to solve the problem of picking up unnecessary things by your dog from the ground. If you have decided to purchase such muzzle, you should know that grid bars must be vertical - it will decrease the chance that your dog will break his teeth. You should also remember that your Cane Corso can receive some traumas after attacking the object of aggression. Remember, that it is recommended to use such muzzles for the owners of large and aggressive dogs.

The muzzles that have closed form are made of leather or synthetic materials. This is an in-between variant of leather and metal muzzles in the form of cage. Such muzzle will prevent even the most aggressive dog from biting somebody. This muzzle won’t harm your dog as the metal one, but you should remember that it is not recommended to muzzle your dog for a long time during hot weather. The main advantage of this type of muzzle - is that it is lighter than the metal ones.

Nylon dog muzzles, that have the form of so called bear-loop, have appeared lately. They are fixed on the dog’s snout with the help of Velcros and are mainly used if a dog owner wants to take his non-aggressive dog into a public transport with him without breaking the laws. It can also be used during visits to a vet or friends.

The main thing you should remember while purchasing the muzzle is that it is purchased for a dog, not for the owner, and it should be comfortable, first of all, and it’s beauty should be on the second place.

Don't stop on purchasing only one sort of supply. You own a big dog breed and he should be properly and fully equipped with reliable and solid goods. In our Cane Corso online store you can find a great variety of leather harnesses which will serve you and your companion hand and foot, and nylon harnesses which are rather light, durable and are not affraid of water and moister influence.

To undrline the beauty of your dog you may with the help of our super stylish leather and nylon collars. And one more attribute you should have is a leash. Quality and design of which are irresistible.

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