Preparation for the act of Cane Corso's delivery

Labor stage

Approximately one week before lying-in you should arrange a place for the dog in cozy, warm, dry and clean room protected from draughts. Nobody but the dog’s owner is allowed to enter the premises where Cane Corso bitch is. Strangers should not disturb the dog before lying-in and during first days after it.

Besides, you should bear in mind that after falling of litter Cane Corso bitch often shows aggression towards strangers as she instinctively protects her babies. It is recommended to keep the dog in the room where she will be in labour for more 2 weeks after bearing of puppies. 

It is best to design a wooden maternity box corresponding to her body proportions. A littering Cane Corso bitch will abut with her paws against the walls of the box while being inside it. The fore wall should be made so as to be thrown or removed and then placed to the initial position. This will facilitate cleaning and disinfection of the maternity house. 

Before labor it needs to lay a tarpaulin, oilcloth or polythene film on the bottom of the box but a soft cloth folded up several times, a piece of old blanket or a coverlet should be put above. One week before labor you need always, in the morning and in the evening, take temperature of the dog at that paying attention to its great drop.

Normal temperature is 38,5 °С, however, one day before labor approximately it drops to 36,5-37 °С.As a rule, in the last week of pregnancy the bitch loses appetite therefore you should feed her with small amounts of food including the most favorite dainty  in her diet- a piece of cheese, boiled liver, curd etc. 

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