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Cane Corso Collars

A collar is a necessary accessory for any dog owner. Our Cane Corso web store is glad to offer high quality and safe dog collars.

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FEATURED - Cane Corso Collars

You can choose an appropriate one for your Cane Corso by using the recomendations that are given below. If you want your dog to feel comfortable and safe while wearing a collar, you should remember that everything depends on a correct choice.

All dog collars that are presented in our web store have passed certification tests and are safe for dog’s health. We offer dog collars of various colors and sizes.

Each dog should have a collar, but, to choose a collar isn’t so easy as you can think on the first sight. Dog equipment is specified not only for a definite dog breed, but also for special occasions and different types of training.

It is rather difficult to choose a correct collar from a huge variety of those, which are offered by zoological industry. We want to help you to make the right choice and to let your dog wear the most appropriate accessory for him.

Dog collars are divided into several types:

Soft classical collars (walking, with a special handle for guarding service). Such collars are made of leather, synthetic materials or their combination. These collars usually have special interior padding (thick felt, fleece, thin leather with soft filler) to provide your dog with additional comfort.

Walking collars are the most spread type. They usually have a special D-ring for leash attachment. It can be located near the buckle - in that case it won’t bother your dog when he is turning his head. It can also be locate on the opposite side of the collar - in this case an owner shouldn’t look for a ring to fasten the dog (the buckle will aim down as the heaviest part of the collar).

A collar for protection training has a special handle for better control, that will allow you to hold your dog back. A ring for leash attachment is usually located on a handle or below it. There is usually another D-ring near the buckle and whenyourdog is working while leashed you should use this ring.

A guarding collar is the most reliable and time proved type. This collar is used for the dogs that are always leashed, that’s why it should be more durable than others. Themainfeature of this collar is that the strap of the collar is passed through a D-ring first, and only then is fastened with the help of a buckle. That’s why the load of pulling is applied not to the buckle or special holes for fastening, but to the special strong material that passes through the ring. The buckle is located at the top of the collar and won’t hinder your Cane Corso.

A choke collar (metal chain, leather, synthetic). Such collars are mainly used as training or show collars. But their light weight makes them comfortable and available for use in everyday activities. Choking effect, which is applied to dogs with that collar, is perceived by the dogs like the closest one to the natural terms of the upbringing in a pack - mother teaches her cubs by slightly choking their necks. But this type of actions that can be applied for the dogs (and, that is more important for puppies) should be correct and not continuous, because it can lose its pedagogic value. You should consult an experienced instructor before using such type of collars. He must show you how to use such collar and what types of actions should be applied to the dog.

Metal or choke chain collars should be manufactured of a special solid compound, all parts should be welded and a cover shouldn’t harm dog’s skin and fur. Nowadays many dogs suffer because of allergic reactions on nickel containing compounds. That’s why curogan (a special compound which main component is copper) has been created. It is darker and more red than brass, but it causes no allergic reactions.

You should remember that some low quality chains can change the color of your dog’s fur (only if the color of his fur is light). That’s why you should try the collar before going to the dog show. One more tip - short woolled dogs and dogs with long fluffy fur are usually being showed with the help of thin, nearly jewelry chains. They are made so as not to divide dog’s fur visually and not to spoil their it. But, the bigger the part of the chain is, the less it will harm your dog’s fur. That’s why Cane Corso owners often use chains with long parts (up to 2 inches).

Pinch collar is a special sort of collars and should be used only under strict control of experienced instructors. The main feature is that this collar is spiked and they can create discomfort for your dog if the tension of the collar is too strong. Such collar should be chosen strictly by girth of the dog’s neck - it must be located right behind the ears, it must not hang loose and it mustn’t fall off your dog. One ofthewell known manufacturers of high quality metal collars is a German company Herm Sprenger. The assortment includes several types of pinch collars - wire and plate-like, with long spikes for long woolled and short for short woolled dogs, made of different materials and covered with various compounds. Latest products of this company are strict collars with the spikes located on the two sides from the central plate in the place of the dog’s Adam apple. Such location is being considered by specialist the most appropriate, because it creates more natural tension on the dog’s neck imitating mothers bite or tuck.

The dog shouldn’t wear prong collar for a long continuous period of time - it should be used only during training sessions and only in case when all the other methods of obedience training are useless. Inexperienced dog owners, which use such collars for puppies, can cause troubles in future dog obedience and control.

Show collar shouldn’t distract dog’s attention (it is usually chosen according to the color of your dog’s fur). It is important that the collar shouldn’t part the dog’s fur visually and, at the same time it should be comfortable, reliable and practical. They are mostly synthetic collars made of a thin cord or choke chain.

However, there are several breeds that require continuous running in the ring during showing, and the dog should run near the handler holding his head high. In that cases specialists use special metal or leather collars, which will help to hold the dog’s head as high as needed.

You can choose the collar for any breed and, of course, Cane Corso dogs are among them. But you should take into your account the structure of your dog’s breathing passages. For example, pugs and some other breeds with short snout are sensitive for any pressure on the neck and they can choke, that’s why it is recommended to use a harness for them. For graceful dogs like greyhounds it is recommended to use wide collars. But, it is no doubt that a collar should be reliable and durable. It shouldn’t break during wearing.

What material is the strongest one?

The collars are made of strong leather,syntheticcord, metal and of their combinations. Leather is the most comfortable material for humans and dogs. High quality thick leather will also be fashionable and beautiful and will serve for a long time. However, like all other leather things such collar requires accurate usage and special maintenance.

Synthetic materials are considered to be the most durable material for manufacturing soft collars. They are resistant to outer interference, different weather conditions and all that makes them irreplaceable things in everyday usage. Even more - you can choose the color, width and design according to your own personal demands.

The most durable and reliable collar is a soft collar which is made of combination of leather and synthetic cord. High quality and reliable furniture turn this combination into a perfect solution for guarding collar or for protection training of large breed.

It is obvious that high quality metal collars can serve for not one dog generation. However it is not wise to use such collars during cold time of the year, because they can stick to your dog’s fur and make him feel uncomfortable.

You can also make a collar for your Cane Corso by yourself. But you should remember that not only safety of the surrounding people depends on its reliability and durability, but also the safety of your pet. That’s why you should take into your account the power of your dog and you should choose materials and fittings that will be durable five times more your pet’s weight.

The main thing is choosing a collar of a correct size.

Soft collar should be chosen so that when it is being fastened on the middle hole it won’t hang down on your dog’s neck. When adjusting the collar remember to check if the adjustment is correct by putting your thumb between a collar and your dog’s neck - it should freely come into this space. If you feel too much pressure or thumb comes into that space without any tension at all - the collar is adjusted wrong.
When choosing a collar for a puppy, you should remember that he will grow up. That’s why there should be a possibility to re-adjust the collar so it can fit your puppy when he gains on/loses weight and the free part of the strap shouldn’t hinder his movements and create discomfort. That means that a collar should be fastened by using far inner hole and, after the dog grows up, the owner should be provided with the possibility to fasten the collar according to the size of your pet’s neck.

It is not recommended to put the collar on your Cane Corso constantly, because they can rub your dog’s fur and create discomfort. If you have the necessity to hold your dog while you are at home you should use thin leather knot.

Remember, that the collar for your dog isn’t just accessory, it is his modest “clothes”, because the dog wears it sometimes for quite a long time. That’s why it should be reliable, high quality and safe.

Another important item that every conscientious dog owner should have - is a muzzle.
To find out more about this type of dog supply - click here.

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