Owner of Cane Corso bitch sometimes should help her in labor

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Bearing of Cane Corso puppy is followed by appearance of secundines. In some cases secundines comes out of maternal passages a little later, already when a following puppy draws the first breath. Generally, secundines is eaten by Cane Corso mother.

Cane Corso bitch may even eat the puppies which were just born by her and these are the consequences of a so-called labor shock. Therefore an owner watching the labor process must be attentive to the utmost in order to keep the puppies alive.  

In puerperal period Cane Corso bitch have reddish or greenish discharge from her genitals then this discharge whitens and at the end of 2-3 weeks disappears completely. In certain cases infant Cane Corso puppies may need help. So, Cane Corso mother, getting her posterity may look absolutely detached and therefore she does not attempt to care for her babies.

Such situation happens if parturient process was very fast or on the contrary delayed and the dog got too tired if she labored for the first time, etc. If Cane Corso bitch did not manage or did not have time to release her puppies from birth membranes then her owner may do it on his own account by quickly pulling apart the bag of waters near the head of each newborn puppy and then clean its body, mouth and nose from slime. For that one should use small gauze tampons.

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