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Dog Leash/Leads

Leashes are also a necessary accessory for dogs, just like collars. You should seriously and attentively choose a leash. Our Online Shop for Cane Corsos offers a variety of the best leashes. We offer nylon leather, metal, tracking, coupler and over the shoulder leashes.

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FEATURED - Dog Leash/Leads

All leashes, that we present in our shops are of a high quality. We can offer a leash for almost any situation - it all depends on your demands. We have leashes of different colors, different length, made of different materials, such as natural or artificial leather, nylon. We guarantee that the leashes that you get from our store will serve you for quite a long time and will help you not only to handle your Cane Corso, but also to stand out of the mass of other dog owners. We make our leashes only of top grade materials.

A leash creates a link between owner and his dog. A leash that correctly matches the collar won’t create any discomfort to your pet. That’s why we have the same variety of collars as well as leashes. All fittingsaremade of high quality metal, which guarantees its durability and reliability. Remember, that every dog owner must have several types of leashes for any situation. The leashes presented in our web store combine great quality and perfect price. Don’t put yourself into the awkward situation by using linen cord. A leash is as much important as a tie for a businessman. Easy order form will allow you to make a purchase quick and without any problems. And our support team is always ready to help you to choose accessories for your beloved Cane Corso! Leashes, collars, muzzles , souvenirs and accessories - all stuff you can find in our store is made for you and your companion!

Each dog should have a leash besides a collar. Without a collar a leash becomes an unnecessary and senseless accessory, a decoration. Leashes walked the way of their evolution hand in hand with the collars and today they represent not only a link between the dogs and their owners. In big cities (in crowded places and traffic movement) a leash can become a so-called lifesaver for your dog. Leashes differ depending on the material they are being made of, and also on the range of their usage. It is obvious that round/over the shoulder leashes are useless during training sessions.
The leashes are mostly being made of nylon, natural and artificial leather, metal (chains).

The leashes, by the range of their usage, can be divided into leashes, chains, cords, pulltabs, couplers, multipurpose leashes and roulette leashes.

While choosing a leash you should take into account several things, such as dog’s size and age, his character and breed. You should also pay special attention to metal details of the leash - they must be made of high quality materials and must be welded, because even the most stronger leash loses all its advantages if its snap hook is of a low quality. A snap hook can be purchased separately, if you have a large and powerful dog like Cane Corso. If you are looking for training leash - nylonleashes will be your choice. Their length vary between one and twenty meters. The price depends on the length of the leash and on the reliability of the snap hook. Such leashes can serve your dog for quite a long time and can stand through large loads. Be attentive while choosing such leashes - despite of their good look, they can hurt your palms (because they slide). And one more thing - your dog can gnaw through the strongest leash without any difficulties. Always rememberaboutit when you tether your dog.

If you need to hold your dog leashed for a continuous period of time, you should use a special cord with a buffer spring. Don’t rush for the beauty and don’t buy chains made of twisted wire. The wire must be welded. And one more thing - remember of a reliable snap hook.

A chain can be also used to wean yourCaneCorso from chewing the leash. The length of such leashes does not exceed one and a half of a meter. They look good with metal collars.

But you should remember that the weight of metal leash and collar can make your dog feel uncomfortable. If you often leash your dog for a short period of time (when you go to the shop and you need to leave your dog outside), a multifunctional leash with can become of use to you.

Such leashes are usually 2 meters long and have several special rings on it. It allows you to regulate the length of the leash quickly and without any problems. It can also be regulated during training dogs of small and medium breed. In such cases you should take care if the leash has double stitching and if it has any additional decorations (which can become a problem to you, because they can harm your palms).

If you are an owner of Cane Corso, you should have a lead in the arsenal of your dog equipment. It is a shortleash, which contains one loop and a massive reliable snap hook. The cons are short length and the impossibility of changing it.

In the case when you are walking with two dogs simultaneously, you should turn your attention to couplers. Such leashes split into two in one end. Pros - they don’t twist as two separate leashes. Cons - it can be difficult to walk with two dogs who are trying to walk in two different ways.

If you want to show your dog, you will definitely choose showleash. These are special leashes for dog shows, which have quite a high price and are chosen individually for each dog. Remember, a leash is one of the most important instruments of dog controlling and handling and it will help you to secure your dog and the surrounding people.

There are huge variaty of Cane Corso harnesses in our online store which can perfectly go with the leashes we offer. Leather, nylon, studded, spiked harnesses are available in different sizes and collars. Do not waste an opportunity to may a comfortable and safe present for your companion. 

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