Cane Corso: Choosing a puppy

What to pay attention to when choosing a puppy of Cane Corso

Watching a puppy one may understand how this little creature treats people, other animals and guess how quickly it will be able to get accustomed to its new owner and new existence conditions. If the decision of buying Cane Corso’s puppy is conclusive then you should also base on concrete dog breeder’s recommendations.

It is noteworthy that an experienced, concerned in own profession dog breeder often takes an interest in further development and growth of the dog sold by him all through life of this Cane Corso and is ready come to the new owner’s help if some problems concerning education and management of a four-footed pet Cane Corso arise.

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You should ask a dog breeder also about the age of the mother whose puppy you are choosing. It is better to take Cane Corsos born by the bitch which is 2 - 8 years old but no younger or older. Furthermore, if the bitch of Cane Corso delivered just less than one year ago then it is quite undesirable to take a puppy in this case.

Frequent act of delivery and short interval between matings may seriously derange constitution and weaken immune system of not only mother herself but also her offspring. It is necessary to pay attention to body mass of Cane Corso’s puppy.

Cane Corso
when is 1 month old must weigh 3.5-4.5 kg given that 1-4 puppies are in the litter and 3-4 kg when 5-8 puppies are in the litter. The expert will help you to discover whether your Cane Corso’s puppy has inborn cardiac diseases, he will examine the regularity of the bite, the absence of fatness (Cane Corso puppy must be tallowy but not overfed).

A puppy taken from a breeder in spring gets a chance to air his dog during the time when just first grass emerges and a lot of sunny fine days are available. Such puppy of Cane Corso, provided that the dog has good feeding, is almost guaranteed to have an excellent health.

The puppies taken in autumn are usually known to be tallow already in the first weeks of their life, because mother milk during this period is richly supplied with nutrients in a greater or lesser degree.

Taking into account less favorable weather conditions during autumn season you will have to walk with your Cane Corso dog not a long time at the same time increasing periodicity of the walks: but in any case, no matter if you take the puppy in spring or in autumn otherwise it is necessary to discipline it, develop the habit of emptying outside.

   Inheritance considerably determines working abilities of dogs, their behavior, state of health and conformance to breed standard. Maximum information about puppy’s parents should be extracted from dog breeder.

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