Cane Corso puppy's diet

Rules of feeding and preparation of Cane Corso's dietary

Since the first days of Cane Corso puppy’s appearance in the house it needs to habituate itself to regular meal. Regularity and certain feeding technique are meant by this. Owners of Cane Corso puppy are recommended to schedule its feeding. The puppy is to be fed regularly. Gradually the pet will get accustomed to the timetable purposely designed for it.

Feeding of the puppy should be in the following manner. A bowl with food is placed on a vertical stand with stable fixture so as to be on a par with puppy’s chest or a little higher. Then it will be convenient for the baby to lower its muzzle in the bowl and at that it will not have to bend its head too low and its back will be erect. 

A bowl is inserted into metallic hoop of corresponding size and fixed with a ring or a stand clamp. The fixture under the stand must be too wide and stable for Cane Corso puppy not to roll over all this construction during meal. As the puppy grows the height of the stand may be added.

The bowl which will be used for the puppy’s feeding must be ceramic, aluminum or enameled, without any defects, dents and granulations in order to avoid cuttings. The volume of the bowl for Cane Corso puppies usually isn’t big: about 0.5 liters of liquid or 500 g of dry food is to have room in it.    

On order the paws of the dog should not slide over floor surface you need to lay a piece of close texture or a small rug under them. Aside from a bowl for food you should also allocate another one-for water.

A bowl with water can be placed on the opposite side of food stand or on a single stand and you may regulate the height of water bowl in the same way as food bowl. Drinking-water must be always fresh and clean therefore you should change it several times during a day.

Both bowls should be washed with warm soapy or soda water and then thoroughly swilled under flowing waters.  

Sources of necessary elements

Main requirements imposed on puppyish dietary (it stands no reason, the same has respect to adult dogs as well), -this is a well-balanced amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. You should also regulate the dog’s consumption of liquid. The more various and useful food the better health of the dog and the longer its life.

Sources of proteins.

Meat foods and fish, milk, eggs head the list among ptoteinaceous wholefood.
Meat is the one of the most desirable dog dainties. It is an essential protein source and moreover meat contains a lot of vitamins that are necessary for normal metabolism.
During all life of Cane Corso meat foods are the main components of its dietary. Ten weeks old puppies should eat refined meat. Raw beef as well as boiled rabbit meat (without bones) are used for feeding Cane Corso puppies.

Ground meat is also included in Cane Corso puppies’ diet however puppyish organism does not take up it very well, like raw scraped meat, therefore you had better restrict its consumption. continue reading this article please click on here...

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